About us


We are designers with a clear vision and high ambitions

We are young designers with years of experiences on the field of planning and building glamping houses. Our goal is to build unique high-quality houses, that can be either hanging on a tree or simply set on the ground. With every new project we begin a new story, full of ideas and challenges. Our vision is to design a variety of differently shaped breath-taking glamping houses.

Unique high-quality wooden houses

Our products are precisely manufactured and of high quality.

Water resistant and UV protected

The products are water resistant as they are coated with fiberglass and coated with five coats of epoxy resin and varnish (UV protection).

Production with natural materials

Glamping houses are mostly made of natural materials (wood insulation, wood, …)

Meet our team

 Rok Hodnik


 Janja Zupančič


 Marko Novak